Ministry of Music, Worship & Arts

1 Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. 2 Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.            Psalms 96:1-2

SBC Mass Choir at July 31, 2016 Nelson Installation
SBC Mass Choir at July 31, 2016 Nelson Installation


Director of Music Charles Whiters
Director of Music Charles Whiters


Music that will set the tone for the spoken Word of God. Music that edifies, inspires, and challenges the body of Christ and further enables them to experience Christ on a personal level. To provide Christ-centered music that boldly shares the “Good News” with those who are lost while using creative music that is unique to this church while also reaching into the past to bridge the gap between young and old Christians alike.

The vision of the Music Ministry is to see people saved, set free, equipped and empowered thru Jesus Christ.


Ministry Director, Charles Whiters
Ministry Director, Charles Whiters


Choir Director Contact Information & Rehearsal Times

Celestial Choir

Celestial Choir:  Monday 6:00 pm

Rosa James Choir Director
Rosa James
Choir Director

President, Barbara McKinney

Voices of Inspiration

Voices of inspiration:  Tuesday 7:00 pm


Voices of Inspiration President
VOI President             Andrea Henderson 

Chappelle Angelic Choir

1st and 2nd Wednesday 7:00 pm   

Mary King Choir DirectorSONY DSC

Assistant Director Cynthia Gray

Passion 4 Praise Team

Rehearsal Time:  Mondays 6:00 pm

Zania Mahone Brown Praise Team, Diirector
Zania Mahone Brown
Praise Team, Dir.

The Passion 4 Praise Team is dedicated to rendering praise and worship unto God, in spirit and in truth, through music and song in order to set the tone and atmosphere to invite God in, thus invoking his very presence.

The praise team will enhance the spiritual enlightenment of the congregation through song. We will come together on one accord to sing songs of praises unto the Lord. The congregation will hear and feel the presence of the Lord. We will allow God to use us as His instrument and with our voices lifted up all will feel the presence of God. All praises will go to the Lord.

Men’s Chorus

Rehearsal Time:  TBA

Deacon David Rentie Men's Chorus Director
Deacon David Rentie
Men’s Chorus , Dir.

Instrumental Ensemble

  Rehearsal Times:  TBA

SBC Instrumental Ensamble
SBC Instrumental Ensemble
Keith Cutler Ministry Director
Keith Cutler
Ministry Leader

The Ensemble is part of the Music Ministry, and is comprised of adults and youth who play musical instruments, such as trumpet, saxophone, violin, guitar, etc.    The Ensemble rehearses as needed, and occasionally plays during Morning Worship during Black History Month, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and for other special Church programs.