Ministry of Deaconess

For it is God who works in you both to will and to do his good pleasure; do all things without complaining and disputing.                     Philippians 2:13-14

The Ministry of Deaconess assists the pastor in developing the spiritual life of the women and girls of the Church for the best possible Christian Service.   The Ministry of Deaconess cooperate with the Pastor and Board of Deacons in visiting the members in the disbursement of the Fellowship Fund and in the preparation of the observance of the ordinances of the Church.


Chairperson:  Thelma Talley


Vice Chairperson:  Regina Lewis

Secretary:  Jessie Ward

Deaconess joined by Reverend Nelson on Installation Day.
Deaconess joined by Reverend Nelson on Installation Day.

Treasure:  Pam Peppers

Chaplain:  Mary Franklin

Communication:  Rose Harrison


Deaconess Members

Sharon Edmonson

Regina Lewis

Thelma Talley

Sheila Terry

Jane Walker

Rose Harrison

Ann Parker

Ernestine Brackens

Mary Franklin

Cora Meredith

Jessie Ward

Pat Doolin

Velma McCullough

Pamela Peppers

Evelyn Salary